New Volkswagen  Models Now Available in Fall River


Volkswagen offers one of the most exciting line-ups of vehicles in the industry. In the New Bedford area, you can find a top selection of VW cars and SUVs at Mattie Volkswagen. We are excited to offer you every single VW models for purchase or lease. Here is a look at the current VW line-up.

VW Cars

VW cars are more popular than ever in the Warwick area. That's because VW cars give you the optimal combination of style and affordability. Here is what's available right now. 


The Golf is the popular hatchback that gives you lots of features for a low price. This is an ideal vehicle for those looking for a reliable and comfortable daily driver. 

Golf GTI

If you are looking for a hatchback that gives you excellent performance, then the Golf GIT delivers what you need. Get excellent acceleration trim and spirited handling that makes every drive more enjoyable. 

Golf R

For those who want to drive one of the fastest hatchbacks in the East Providence area, there is the incredible Golf R. This is the ultimate performance hatchback that gives you serious acceleration numbers. 


The Jetta is the affordable compact sedan that delivers when it comes to standard features, style and fuel efficiency. The Jetta is an ideal choice for those who want an affordable first vehicle. 

Jetta GLI
Yes, you can get a compact sedan with affordable performance. The Jetta GLI gives you excellent acceleration and handling that make you enjoy each and every drive. The Jetta GLI proves that you don't need to spend more on a luxury vehicle for top German sedan performance. 


Yes, you can get a great mid-size sedan for less. The popular Passat comes packed with many top features and excellent style at an affordable price. The Passat is also available in many trim levels that include many sought-after features such as leather seats and a premium audio system. 

VW Wagons
VW wagons give you lots of space, excellent capability and lots of driving fun at an affordable price. Here is a look at the VW wagons available in the Acushnet area. 

Golf Sport Wagon
The Golf Sport Wagon gives you all the great things that you love about the compact Golf and adds the space that you'll want from a wagon. The Golf Sport Wagon is one of the most affordable wagons available in the Newport, RI area. 

Golf Alltrack
Looking for a wagon that can go just about anywhere. The Golf Alltrack gives you all-wheel-drive performance that allows you to enjoy the Alltrack during any season. 

VW SUVs are more popular than ever. Take a look at the current VW SUV line-up that is winning fans all over the Fall River area. 

The Tiguan is the small SUV that can seat up to five and provide you with excellent features at a low price. 

Atlas Cross Sport
Get into a mid-size SUV that offers lots of space and top capability. The Atlas Cross Sport is a top choice for small families. 

The three-row Atlas is the largest SUV offered by VW. Seat up to seven in complete comfort with lots of top accessories. 

Get Into a Brand New VW Today 

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